I have hands-on experience launching and optimizing digital user experiences across web and social platforms. I've also developed B2C and B2B strategy and content for products, publications, international events, services, trainings and seminars.


I got my start in digital marketing by developing a portfolio of web businesses in different verticals including food and lifestyle and then producing original written and visual content to drive traffic, link clicks and conversions. My content has since driven more than a quarter of a million pageviews.


I have an undergraduate degree in International Development Studies from York University in Toronto, Canada and a Juris Doctor law degree from the University of Windsor in Windsor, Canada.

During law school I started developing web businesses and by graduation in June 2015 one of my sites had become profitable, reaching a peak of 20k organic pageviews per month.

I got hooked on the power and potential of digital storytelling and after moving to Amsterdam in October 2017 I parlayed my experience as a self-employed content marketer into a career in digital marketing.


Since I've executed the whole content production process from strategy to creation to promotion, I gained a lot of hands-on experience with different web tools and software programs as well as a firm understanding of the digital marketing landscape.

After moving to Amsterdam in late 2017 I parlayed my content marketing experience into my first salaried marketing position at the World Leading Schools Association (WLSA) in Amstelveen, a small foundation where I had a hand in everything from website management and social media strategy to in-house graphic design, international event marketing, and landing page optimization.

In June 2018 I started working at the European Association for International Education, an Amsterdam based members association that holds Europe's largest international education conference as well as producing other smaller trainings, seminars, and publications. As marketing coordinator at the EAIE I've gained experience developing marketing strategies and copyediting web and social media content for events, training programs, publications and services. I work closely alongside an internal marcom team as well as coordinating external copywriters, photographers, videographers and subject matter experts to produce high-quality content that conforms to internal style guides, conveys the brand, and connects with our membership.



Content Production & Curation

  • Produce & curate on-brand written and visual content for web and social
  • Photography: food, products, travel, lifestyle, and interiors
  • Copywriting and copyediting of digital and print material in long and short form including blog posts, flyers, course programs and descriptions, digital newsletters, adverts, and social media copy
  • Photo editing and some basic video editing
  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, and PremierePro
  • Design and layout of reports, brochures, infographics, flyers, and adverts

Web & Social Media

  • Develop and manage WordPress sites
  • Optimize site architecture, landing pages, user flow, click-through rates and conversion rates
  • SEO & keyword research: Ahrefs, MozPro, LongtailPro, Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console
  • Develop organic and paid social media campaigns and strategies for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & StumbleUpon
  • Content management: Joomla & Magnolia
  • Email marketing: MailChimp & Informz


Web & Social Media

  • This beauty and skincare site was launched in 2014 originally as topfivebeauty.com and then rebranded in 2016 and moved to it's new domain with a 301 redirect.
  • I designed the site, produced all the graphics and wrote all of the content.
  • Growth strategy includes SEO, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Multiple articles on this site have ranked for hundreds of keywords, many on the front page of Google search results.
  • By making continous optimizations to the branding, site architecture, copywriting and photos I increased monthly search engine traffic from 3k at the time of rebranding to almost 20k with an 11-15% CTR and a 3-5% conversion rate.
  • The site is monetized through a combination of ads and affiliate networks.
  • This is a site rebuild I did while working at the WLSA Foundation in early 2018.
  • The previous site was developed on the Joomla platform and didn't allow for simple changes to be made in-house for event registrations.
  • The new site has a more streamlined layout, optimized landing pages and clearer CTAs throughout.
  • This is one of the first sites I developed - a viral media site modelled on viranova.com.
  • The growth strategy was primarily social network StumbleUpon.
  • One curated post went viral and drove 75k pageviews in a span of a few days.

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